General Pipe and Machinery Stores (Private) Limited is the reliable spiral weld pipe manufacturer in Punjab, Pakistan. We are capable of manufacturing high quality SSAW carbon steel pipes in the diameter of 8” to 48” (219mm to 1220mm), in wall thickness from 4mm to 12.5mm according to API 5L. We also manufacture according to customer’s requirements regarding working pressure, working temperature, pipe diameter and wall thicknesses.

Spiral Welded Pipe (SSAW)

We uses the submerged arc-welding process to manufacture spiral welded pipe. This entails helically forming hot-rolled steel strip and welding it both internally and externally to create a weld seam stronger than the parent metal. Our plant is located at 13-KM Sheikhupura Faisalabad Road, Lahore Pakistan.

SSAW pipe is produced in number of grades of steel to give users a choice of piping to meet their specific needs and from this selection of steels, a complete system can be developed for handling such diverse applications as abrasion resistant service, corrosion-resistant piping, construction purposes and general industrial uses. If a size is required that is not listed, it can be made to your order.

Exact Lengths

Pipes can be furnished in industrial standard lengths of 20 RFT, pipe standard lengths of 40 RFT, 50 RFT, 60 RFT and structural lengths up to 100 RFT. These all pipings can be cut to any required length to tolerance of plus or minus 2%.

Structural Strength and Inspections

SSAW features two welds along the spiral seam. This creates a pipe structure in which the weld is as strong as or stronger than the parent metal. Every length of pipe is inspected and where required is tested to the hydrostatic mill test pressure specified in the applicable ASTM specification.

Uniform Wall Thicknesses

SSAW is manufactured in a wide range of wall thicknesses. The fact that this pipe is available in lighter weights than other pipe makes it possible to save money, not only on the initial cost, but also in transportation, handling and installation. It means that by sizing the diameter of the pipe to the exact requirements with exact lengths and factory-sized ends, the greatest economies can be realized.

Online Welding Flux Recovery

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with online flex recovery plants for both inside welding and outside welding. Our flux recovery systems are capable of separating out slag (fused flux) and fines (flux flower) returning only the clean reusable flux to the hopper. Our plant is also equipped with Magnetic Welding Flux Separator. This is used to remove the iron and other magnetic materials. So there will be no defects in welding process.

Far-Infrared Flux Rotary Dryer

It is important to maintain moisture in flux for best weld quality. Our manufacturing plant is also equipped with far-infrared flux rotary dryer which helps to reduce the moisture up to 0.05%.

Welding Process

SSAW pipe uses automatic submerged arc welding process under normal atmospheric temperature. SSAW process involves the formation of an arc between a continuously fed wire and a blanket of powdered flux creates a protective gas shield for the weld. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with state of the art welders (separate welders for inside and outside welding). Moreover, double weld on seam gives double strength to the pipe.